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What is bodily injury liability insurance?

This insurance pays in case you cause an accident in which others are injured or killed. This coverage will also help pay for your legal defense if suits or claims are brought against you. This type of insurance covers you, your covered family members, and anyone driving your car with your permission.


What is covered in all homeowner’s policies?

• Windstorms or hail

• Explosions

• Fire and lightning

• Volcanic eruptions

• Smoke

• Riots

• Vehicles

• Aircraft

• Mischief and vandalism


Does every homeowner have to have insurance?

Not every homeowner has to have insurance. For example, you may have paid off your home and are not required by a lender to have insurance. However, every homeowner should. A homeowner's policy covers damage to the home itself and also provides liability protection if someone is hurt on your property and sues you. It makes sense to protect such an important and valuable investment with this kind of insurance.


What is medical payments insurance?

No matter who caused the accident, this type of insurance pays for doctor, hospital, and funeral expenses. It covers you and any passengers in your car. You and all covered family members are covered as well as pedestrians.


How often will I have to renew my policy?

It is best to have your policy reviewed annually. However, major life changes such as purchasing a home or having a baby are cause for you to have your policy updated


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